The Soldier Of Peace

Hey come on everybody do you want to be
An everlovin’ child of God a soldier of peace
Glory hallelujah it’s a happy day
Talkin’ ‘bout love love to chase you blues away

Refrain: :A Soldier Of Peace is everybody who needs it
The legion of love and CANDO leads it

Verse 1:
Now let me introduce to you a host of personalities
There’s Sun Child and Spirious and Goldie if you please
Heavenly Angels Of Mercy And Truth
Gonna sock it to ya now ain’t it the truth

Verse 2:
Universal mama Crystal Lady
And direct from paradise those Buttercup Babies
And love is something that makes you feel good all over
And lady luck is handing you a four-leaf clover

Re[eat Refrain

:Ride ride Engine 509
Hey mister sunshine engineer right on time
Everybody get your ticket right this way
Soldiers Of Peace ride the Sunshine Train:


© Comcon Music   Writer: Linda Colley