Creating A New Dimension Of Optimism

It’s become a given that a new choice as an alternative to media violence, an alternative reality, is a high demand yet unmet niche market and that programming of lower level thinking  skills glamorized/normalized can erode country/world. The need for fulfillment to this unmet market is clear, supply design to instead lift human spirit with edutainment portraying higher level thinking skills/sound values/positive character traits that determine what we think, say and do/our behavior.  And while a social value deficit may not be fixed with separate efforts just in school, family and community, desired changes can however occur with a motivated CANDO Attitude marketplace esssential in preceding aspiration to higher level thinking skills and personal responsibility. President Harry Truman said in 1947 that “America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand, this is America’s can-do spirit in tact”. Harry was right. Starting with a CANDO Attitude as a first job at hand provides capability to proceed in garnering assets with which to accomplish anything. 


The basic brain is made up of three different basic brains …

  • Brain # 1.   The Intermediate brain (emotions) frontal brain.
  • Brain # 2.   The Primitive brain (self preservation, aggression) reptilian brain.
  • Brain # 3.   The Rational brain (intellectual tasks).

Characteristics/values/life expression and learning is found in the frontal brain (brain # 1) where emotions generate and imprint (emotional intelligence).  The building of Character  dealing in reasoning and logic adapt in brain # 3 and though useful this does not have the priority of character building that imprints in brain # 1, as in today’s times brain # 1 is being adversely affected by the processing of an unnatural assault to senses ramification in brain # 2 from violence in film/video games/horror films and basic promotion of low grade programming that does not inspire upwards at a time of content need to influence highest in behavior not lowest/hope not hopelessness.  When it comes to can’t verses can there is no contest when mathematics equate and history proves we can overcome adversity, we can rewrite script, we can change incitement of violence to the psyche to a place where reality meets up with hope and expectation as an alternative programming choice exciting like the sensationalism of media violence is today, only more so as a new cutting edge technology out competing as a Multimedia Entertainment Design for Character Education utilizing main ingredients such as amoung others the most effective communication vehicle known, music. The message of The Song can most efficiently create higher level thinking skills with its unique emotional intelligence imprint capability. Adding to the equation the power of inspirationdetermination and imagination tracking separate and apart from nonsensical learning most certainly can pattern a more desirable thinking/behavioral format.  We know that when programming nonsense cause and effect dictates a world driven by nonsense just as we know ingredients used determine the cake baked. With media display being copycatted in our streets and in our world this unfulfilled high demand market dramatically illustrates need for a common sense/common interest fulfillment program, enter CANDO centering around The CANDO Curriculum Connection framework as a new gear brainal circuitry mechanism unlocking achievement of higher potential. What do we want in our children’s minds, wonderments as offered by the trillions of stars, suns, solar systems, galaxies, universes and our very own amazing planet or aspiration to lowest level street violence mentality as exploited by media producers who choose to limit inbuilt capability. There is need/opportunity and in formation a coalition of linked addresses on CANDO Avenue (The Ave), a road of achievement traveling  through Constellation CANDO  the Achievement Universe found in one’s own imagination. Educational leadership advocates the “need to start a program that  grows the frontal portion of the brain”, CANDO does.

School/family/church and community cannot turn the tide by just treating the effects of our cultural dilemma while the influence that can assist these entities and help make the difference would be a positive media driven venue that begins by treating the problem at cause level. The simple truth of the matter is the right program in place designed to appropriately address this issue will work. RosieRosie The Riveter (the gal who won World War II for us) said ~ “We Can  Do It!”.

Mathematically, mechanically and logically our culture must continue to retreat absent an uplifting, inspirational, coordinated effective choice in media that people and families at large can utilize to gravitate away from a less optimum presentation of entertainment, to, via the ingenuity we possess.  We will not curb violence in our streets and community with parental guidance and the like without also addressing the issue of media being the number one source, teacher, programmer and emotional intelligence imprinter, and that We Can incentivize Media Violence producers/distributors who use our 1st amendment rights as financial gain rights in developing/promoting lower base emotions as opposed to higher ones, to understand that responsibility congruently goes along with those rights.  Personal Responsibility (from which all things socially and politically flow downstream) can maximize when highlighted as a popular theme commercially monetized as a fun/gratifying idea that can happen with a multimedia produced reclaimed value system that made America great in the first place as a beacon of hope and most successful democracy. The American Dream is not realized by being inspired from a lower level based mind set, but rather by soaring with eagles in self motivated freedom flights of higher imagination.

Technology today can easily allow a voice in Creating A New Dimension Of Optimism in a Partners For Positive Change program along The Ave connecting the kind of Constellation CANDO highway routing system road of achievement we all want to travel in together rewriting a brand new CANDO Story in the reprogramming of media behavior to a new reality of production, broadcast responsibility, along with economic development.

When the American flag was created, the stars were called “a New  Constellation” and now carrying this theme forward we find a New Constellation in Constellation CANDO ~ further envisioning The CANDO Attitude Rosie was talking about!